About Us

NXS Motorsports officially opened its doors for business in the summer of 2001. Since that time, we have manufactured and sold nearly 75,000 Manual Boost Controllers to satisfied customers all over the world. Through fine tuning and thorough testing, we have developed an extremely accurate and cost-effective design. To make it even better, every Manual Boost Controller we offer is built and tested right here in the USA.

We started working on turbo cars shortly before we opened our doors and are extremely familiar with Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Dodge, Eagle, Plymouth, and other makes of turbo-equipped vehicles. Our Manual Boost Controllers have been installed on nearly every turbo car or truck you can think of, and then some. From custom sleeper cars to all out drag monsters, NXS Motorsports has left a mark on the racing scene that will live on forever.

With NXS Motorsports, you're not only receiving quality, you're also getting a promise. We promise to stand behind our products until the end of time. We take pride in our design which is why we are confident enough to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all the parts we manufacture. If any NXS Motorsports brand part ever breaks, malfunctions, or just stops working, we'll replace it free of charge. That's our promise to you. We know that our company can't survive without our customers and we'll do everything we can to keep you satisfied.

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